VW Touareg R V8 high performance hybrid rumors

According to the Italian car magazine Auto Evolution, VW may plan on using a V8 engine for a special VW Touareg R hybrid.  This car would replace the 333 hp supercharged V6 engine with a V8 engine.  Combined with the electric motor, the goal is about 550 hp total.  Does this mean that as discussed in this post: http://www.evwaudi.com/2010/cayenne-touareg-hybridsupercharger-upgrade-chip-tune/ , that the hybrid system can handle much more power?  Would it be possible to chip the VW Touareg hybrid to increase the supercharger boost and fueling?  The base 333 hp V6 is also used in the Audi S4 where it’s been found that the engine is seriously underrated in power and chip tuning is producing around 400 hp.

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