Electric Audi A2 sets EV range record

Audi A2 sets EV range comparable to gas cars

Long story short, 379.9 miles is the record for public roads.  Compared to the Nissan Leaf which may have real world ranges of over 100 miles, the A2 still had range left so it might have gone over 400 miles.  Past records for EV were done under controlled conditions or on a track, this test was done at an average speed of 55 mph in traffic and real world driving.

The Audi A2 was never sold in Europe and wasn’t considered the smash hit that it could have been.   The car is smaller than the Audi A3 sedan and unique to such a small car, featured an all aluminum chassis.  While the size was small the features light, it was more expensive but lighter and perfect for this test.

The real breakthrough was the Lithium Polymer Cell batteries.  They’re not in production yet but are production ready for use in automobiles.

Source: UPI.com

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