Audi A3 e-tron specs

Wow, Audi is really rolling out their e-tron line quickly.  While this is just a prototype based off the current Audi A3, the actual A3 e-tron will be based off the next generation Audi A3 at the earliest, which will probably be a model year 2012.  Unlike their current hybrid lines, the e-tron is the name for their all-electric powered cars.

Here are the specs for the Audi A3 e-tron electric car

Front wheel drive only so far, no quattro.  The battery packs are in the middle and trunk area which rules out the rear drivetrain components needed for quattro in this prototype.

Total power is rated at 130 hp and 199 lb-ft torque.

Battery pack: 26.5 kWh.  By comparison, the Volt and Leaf battery packs are 16 and 24 kWh.  (16 is the minimum to get the US government’s tax credit of $7,500).

Estimated range: about 90 miles.  By comparison, the all electric only range of the Volt and Leaf are about (20-50) and (70-100).

0-60 11 seconds

top speed: 90 mph

recharge time: 4 hours with 400 volt rapid charger, 9 hours with a standard 110 volt household outlet

Keep in mind that these are specs on a prototype car only.  However, the specs are very close to the Nissan Leaf’s.  It will be interesting how Audi’s development of their e-tron production cars follows the first modern all electric mass produced car, the Leaf.

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