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VW Golf Blue-e-motion electric car test

VW has started public road tests of its electric Golf.  The full Electric Golf Blue-e-motion (VW’s name for their electric drive cars)  started testing in San Francisco Bay area.  You might think they chose this area to court the hippies but it’s really done because VW’s Electronic Research Lab is located nearby.

The final configuration and specs of the electric Golf isn’t yet set but they’ve been testing one with a divided battery pack instead of a single battery pack to better balance the car.  Most battery packs are located in the trunk which actually isn’t a horrible setup since it balances the heavy front of the car.

Early specs call for a limited release for 2014 in Europe.  In the meantime, a Golf hybrid is planned for the US market for 2015.  It’ll probably have similar specs to the VW Jetta hybrid.

Volkswagen last week started testing a battery-electric version of its Golf hatchback in the San Francisco Bay Area as the German automaker looks to test about 20 of its so-called “Golf Blue-e-motion” vehicles on U.S. roads, said.

VW, whose Electronic Research Laboratory is in Belmont, CA, will test a vehicle whose battery pack can be split into a few sections in order to better balance the car, the website said. The 114-horsepower plug-in can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in about 12 seconds and has a top speed of 87 miles per hour as well as a single-charge range of about 90 miles.

VW, which hasn’t announced official plans to start selling the battery-electric Golf, said earlier this month that it would start selling a Golf plug-in hybrid (PHEV) in 2015. That model will likely pair a 1.4-liter turbocharged gas engine with a 107-horsepower electric motor and will be able to go as far as 30 miles in electric-only mode. VW will unveil a Golf PHEV concept vehicle at the Paris Motor Show this September, according to

In late 2010, VW unveiled the Golf Blue e-motion in Germany and said at the time that the prototype had a single-charge range of about 100 miles and that the range would be “significantly improved” by the time the model was sold to the public in 2014 (read this for our first-drive review).

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VW E-bugster full electric Beetle

OK, so it’s not an electric Audi R8 but it still looks fast. 0-60 in just under 11 seconds, 85 kW, 110 mile range, and 0 emissions. VW has been working on electric cars for a while but the real news on this is the combined charging system. VW has cooperated with Daimler, Porsche, GM, and BMW to make a standard charging interface called the combined charging system. In addition to regular 110V AC charging you can also use faster DC charging at a station.

While the car is just a concept, it’s a pretty good looking concept. Enough already, get to the pics you say?

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VW e-bugster video

I came across this video of the new e-bugster. It’s only a concept but it does give some clues as to what future electric and hybrid VW might feature.

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