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China mandates fuel economy standards: 34 mpg by 2015, 47 mpg by 2020

Current fuel economy averages in China are about 30 mpg and although 4 mpg doesn’t sound like a lot, the number of cars and cost to implement greater fuel economy is a great challenge…a great wall if you will. (Sorry, had to go there) Luckily, a centrally run government can mandate these sorts of things and then get them done quickly. However, 47 mpg average is quite a great leap forward (sorry again!). What does this mean? Lots of hybrids and plugins and a boost for the Chinese auto market manufacturing capability, especially in the area of advanced clean cars.

Although China has a reputation for dirty air (and quite justified), there are some real steps towards reformation like natural gas taxis and more attention on the environment vs. economic development. The real significance of this mandate is that this is the first fuel economy standard that China has set and the largest car market in the world influences the rest of the world, especially when it comes to hybrids and plugins.


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VW XL1 video at the Geneva auto show 2013

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