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VW Golf vs. Audi A3 hybrid and TDI sales numbers

I recently went to the VW museum in Wolfsburg where the 25 millionth VW Golf had an ignominious hiding spot behind a curtain in storage. Just last month, VW built the 30 millionth VW Golf and Audi just announced they built the 3 millionth Audi A3. Even though that doesn’t sound like a lot, the Audi A3 has only been around since 1996 and the VW Golf has been around since 1974. Assuming even sales every year (I know that’s not right but I don’t have any other yardstick), that means the A3 sells 176,470/yr and the Golf sells 769,230/yr. That’s a factor of 4.35 per year.

Both the all new Audi A3 and will come in TDI and plugin hybrid form and I wonder which one will be more popular! They’ll share a 1.4L turbo engine and 8.8kWh battery since they’re based off the same platform. Which would you want?

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