Audi A3 etron/Golf hybrid price after federal income tax credits in US

The German price and final specs have been released which have allowed me to make a guess at estimated pricing in the US.  This is just my personal guess but it’s an educated guess.  I took the German price of the Audi A3 e-tron, subtracted sales tax (VAT), adjusted for the US market, and ended up at $37,000 after tax credits of about $4,500.  The price you pay sales tax on is $42,000 which is close to my original total wild guess of $40,000.

The Golf hybrid uses the same drivetrain and battery as the Audi A3 etron so I have to use the same guess but adjust it downwards to account for a VW brand discount.  Adding that to a basic Golf results in about $33-36,000 before tax credits, or roughly $29-31,000 after tax credits. Here is my longer forum post with how I arrived at the Audi A3 numbers including references.  Here’s the Golf estimate in detail:

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