VW commiting $10 to electric recharging infrastructure – scam language?

In the forum, I posted a press release from VW  where they commited $10 million “to support electric vehicle infrastructure”.  My question – “to support electric vehicle infrastructure” is a very broad term.  Do they mean lobbyists?  Research funding to push VW developed standards?  Power grid development?  Building electric vehicle charging stations?
While the press release sounds nice, I believe they mean $10 million for lobbyists!  The key words are “continued legislative support” aka, money for re-election campaigns.  “Federal financing support” = lobbyist dollars.  “further congressional support with the mid-term review” – we’re going to push this for the mid term elections.
What do you think?  Post in the forum and read the press release here: http://forum.evwaudi.com/threads/vw-commiting-10-to-electric-recharging-infrastructure.265/

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