Porsche will soon be a competitor to Tesla

Porsche has released some interesting electric concept cars and their North American CEO, Klaus Zellmer, has commented that they can do it better than Tesla in an interview with Fortune magazine.  Their timeline for an all electric car is by the end of this decade.  He also quoted research that says the combustion engine will start to be displaced by full electric cars and plug-ins around 2027.  While that seems like a big number, that’s only 11 years away!  With gas prices at record lows, is there enough momentum to develop this technology?

Tesla cars sell great but it’s a niche market due to the price and limitations of an all electric car.  I could see Porsche being a viable contender to Tesla though.  Porsche usually go for $60-150k, depending on the model and options.  Tesla also go for $60k AFTER incentives like tax credits ($75k before), and up to about $110k for their loaded model (more power, better range).  So they occupy the same price bracket.  Now Porsche only needs to make a car!

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