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Tesla sells 250,000 Model 3′s in a few days. What are you doing wrong Volkswagen?

This has not been a good month for Volkswagen.  Springtime is a time for auto sales and VW’s are down 12% compared to last year.  Dealers are unhappy because of the diesel fiasco which has tarnished the whole brand and possibly killed the diesel movement in North America.  The new CEO has promised that VW aims to be a mass market car, this compensating dealer franchisees for their investment in new showrooms and lower sales through no fault of their own.

Meanwhile, Tesla unveils the Model 3 and 24 hours later, has 250,000 deposits of $1,000 for an all electric car starting at $35,000 that they’re not getting until 2017 (average ordered price is $42,000).  VW has the e-Golf for sale now, starting at roughly $30,000.  The Model 3 has a range of about 217 miles vs. the e-Golf’s 83 miles and that is key.  The Nissan Leaf has a comparable range and it hasn’t been the best seller either.  I guess someone decided 83 miles was enough but the public has spoken – give us a model with at least 200 miles range.


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