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How to safely disconnect VW hybrid battery high voltage line

How to remove the high voltage line on the VW Touareg hybrid or Porsche Cayenne hybrid.  May also apply to Audi A6 hybrid, VW Jetta hybrid

In the last article, part 2 of a series: on how to disconnect the battery pack on the VW Touareg hybrid and Porsche Cayenne hybrid, the safety line and how it works was discussed.  This article is the final part on this topic and shows how the mechanical lock on the high voltage line works.

Disclaimer: In addition to the regular disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement, remember that the electrical system has more than enough juice to cause serious injury or death.  Do not work on the engine, power module, battery pack, or high voltage lines unless you are trained and qualified.  These articles are only to teach you about the systems on your car.  They do not qualify you as an automotive technician trained to work on these cars.

Again, the official literature says that only a trained VW High Voltage technician can remove the maintenance connector.  First, remove the safety connector.   This prevents the high voltage lock from moving.  It also prevents the high voltage system from being supplied with current.  If you read part 1 and 2, you will see how this interrupts the safety line.  The battery management unit then decouples the high voltage battery through the relays.  As long as all systems work as intended, there will be no voltage at the high voltage line and you won’t get shocked when removing the high voltage line.

The safety connector also physically blocks the locking bar from swiveling out of the way.  Then swivel back the locking bar.   The cable can then be removed.  This is shown in the illustration below.

vw hybrid safety line


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